What Is Grout?

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Clean Grout

Grout is used for filling joints or cracks, especially in tiling. Grout is simply a colored form of concrete typically used to fill the space between porcelain tile, stone, terrazzo, ceramic and other flooring materials. Grout is a thin mortar which may be used to fill cracks in masonry, tile, or brickwork. Grout constructs hard, dense joints that are resistant to shrinking and cracking.

Because grout is a magnet for dirt because it is so porous, it absorbs it like a sponge. Under a microscope grout looks like hills and valleys. These "hills and valleys" are like traps for dirt, mildew, bacteria and mold, and over the course of time the true color will be hidden underneath it, and that will take away from the beauty of your floors and also may cause health risks to you and your loved ones.

When it comes to cleaning, few things are as difficult and aggravating to the average homeowner as dirty grout. You try scrubbing, scraping, mopping and soaking but nothing seems to work. This is because sometimes the dirt and stains have gone beyond the range of most simple cleaning methods.

The first thing to know before cleaning your grout is simple chemistry. Concrete is made from burned lime and clay. Lime is an alkaline, which means you can create a chemical reaction with any acidic product to get your grout clean.

Most people associate grout cleaning with baking soda, vinegar or bleach rather than Professional Grout Cleaning Products. They get on their hands and knees with a common household toothbrush with the intent of doing some backbreaking, knuckle bruising scrubbing. This takes a long time, which is frustrating & difficult work. Unfortunately this method is not very effective.

It's always recommended when you are using any cleaning products or stronger cleaning based solutions for cleaning grout, to ALWAYS wear gloves and safety goggles and make sure your surroundings are properly ventilated to prevent inhalation of any chemical fumes that can be a danger to anyone's health. Always read the contents printed on the bottle for safety information. Some bleaches and muriatic acids are toxic, which is why we do not recommend using them. Keep all children and pets (birds, cats, dogs, etc.) away from chemical area.

If you were to call a professional grout cleaning company to give you an estimate, the typical rate per square foot is between $.75-$1.25 if not more. The average bathroom would calculate out to be $400-550. By using our professional formula and doing it yourself, you would save roughly 300 hard-earned dollars. No wonder everybody's getting into the grout cleaning business, it's very lucrative.

Another example would be receiving an estimate to clean the grout in an entire 1,500 sq. ft. house. An actual estimate would cost approximately $1,600-$1,875.

Whether you clean the grout yourself or hire a professional grout cleaning company, it is important to keep your grout clean for appearance and to keep your health from being impacted from anything that might be causing the discoloration of the grout.